Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lunch at Kyani's

A lazy afternoon is just the time to head out to Kyani's near Metro for lunch. If a heavy meal is what you want, then you shouldn't be here. This place is all about its snacks (or so said the waiter to someone who wanted rice and curry for his lunch) and the latest snacks to check out (not sure how latest it is!) is the chicken frankfurter patice and the chicken seekh kebab patice. The frankfurter one tastes better of the two, with the kebab one being slightly on the drier side. Both seem like a steal at 17 bucks a piece.

Fans of nuggets can rejoice too as chicken and fish nuggets are available long with fish fingers and something called butterfly prawns. I've only tried out the chicken nuggets and you get 5 for Rs 35 along with potato wafers. They didn't have the fish fingers. I'll try the butterfly prawns the next time I think. Washed it all down with Mangola.

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